Sunday, March 29, 2009

Phones and Devices Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator

There is a lot of devices for OCS right now, and I have tested a lot of them, and must say that the ones i have tested are working fine, But some of the headset that can connects to both your PC and your mobile phone, some of my customers having some minor problem getting this “dual mode” working every time. (yes, I like cabel connected devices) and please don’t use Non certified devices, you will only get unsatisfied users

bb970310_03(en-us,MSDN_10) bb970310_04(en-us,MSDN_10) bb970310_GN_Jabra(en-us,MSDN_10)

One device I like to see is a wireless DECT device, i know that COMO is for mobile users and you need PC software based Voip like Communicator, but in some companies you need this wireless DECT phone, and they are out there, but only working with SIP trunk against a PBX or voice gateway, but then you won’t have presence information. This needs to be a OCS endpoint.

bb970310_PL_MCD100(en-us,MSDN_10) bb970310_11(en-us,MSDN_10) bb970310_ClearOne(en-us,MSDN_10)

I like to see GN DIAL 520 OC USB phone or Plantronics Audio 1100M Phone as Wireless DECT OCS endpoint :)

bb970310_GN_DIAL(en-us,MSDN_10) bb970310_PL_1100M(en-us,MSDN_10) bb970310_16(en-us,MSDN_10)

Link to all the certified communications devices