Saturday, April 17, 2010

UC and Volcano ash Cloud

Now is the time that some regret not having OCS installed and using it, instead of flying out to all meetings :)

I work in Denmark covering, Norway and Iceland, = no fight in or out!

But who cares, I have my Communicator and Live-meeting I can get trough this, due to this UC solution.


Today and on a normal day

image 4522879961_ab977d5e40


I this “BS” or am I right ? (I know some meetings it’s nice be onsite, but it’s not always the fact) and in a emergency like this, there is a reason for not being onsite, so now is the time for UC to show it’s value!


Lets have a guess on how many business travelers that actually could say; this meeting I could have done from OCS Live-meeting, instead of being in this airport for X number of days.
Some of them doesn’t have OCS but some might have.

But my guess is more than >50% if they had the possibility!

On the other hand, I know of two guys from Inceptio in Ireland, finish doing a 4 days OCS Voice Ignite training, they couldn't do this in a Live meeting, and who wouldn't like to have a few stress less days to relax, finding the local PUB or go for a tour in what ever country you are cord in :)

But all the guys that are paying for a TAXI spending many hours to drive across Europe, they are regretting not using OCS :)