Thursday, June 10, 2010

RCC in CS 14

RCC (Remote call control) will be supported in CS 14, for old and new customers.

So if you believe that RCC is what you need when deploying CS 14 this is supported.

No it’s not the best users experience, because users can’t fully control the Voice part/media stream and when you are in different mode of communications, it’s could be a clumsy user experience, but if you just need click to call it’s working.

This blog from Jamie:  State it clearly that RCC is and will be supported.


Customers who simply want to give some users the ability to control their existing PBX or IP PBX phones from Office Communicator may do so through our Click-to-Call feature (based on traditional CTI using what we’ve typically called Remote Call Control or RCC). Both new and upgrading customers will be supported for click-to-call with Communications Server “14” (CS “14”). The functionality remains the same as with previous releases, so it’s important to remember that Click-to-call users lose other Communicator capabilities including mobile voice. Finally, the integrations to the popular third party gateways like Corebridge, Estos and Genesys are still available, allowing companies to deploy Click-to-call solutions without needing to spend potentially significant amounts of money upgrading their IP-PBX.


I would go for that, if I for some reason that I can’t think of Smile, and not would go for OCS enterprise Voice,

From my point of view, this is way better than CUCIMOC (softphone on softphone), and when I look at the new CS 14 client, and if there will be a CUCIMOC for that, it could be a very clumsy user experience!

Good link to BJ Haberkorn blog on CUCIMOC