Friday, November 7, 2008

Remember to select the right audio device for OCS

I have over time been an advocate of buying the correct audio device for Communicator. My feeling has always been that it is very important to choose the right device, in addition to support cost if it is not plug and play.The audio experience is important, therefore, I have tried some audio devices. my farvorit audio device is GN 2000 USB, for several reasons, first of all it does not run out of power at the most inconvenient times. Then there are the sounds in both ears, and it perfectly with my laptop.

The sound device I use at the office is a GN 9330 and the sound is quite good, but those at the other end to the conversation say there is much echo. I can make it disappear by turning down the volume, but then failing to, I can't hear what is being said

So this is not an advertisement for the GN, in fact, data from our internal OCS QoE server actually said that GN 2000 USB is the winner ;)
do you have a winner ?