Sunday, November 2, 2008

OCS R2 dial-in conference is the bussines case

I have calculated some of the savings that a company in Denmark could save by introducing OCS R2 dial-in conference.
A company with 500 employees where all hold at least 2 phone meeting each month, approximately. 30 min per meeting.
In Denmark a cheap phone meeting service is around. 1.85kr per. minutes

Per year, this company use 360,000 minutes on conference calls = 660.000kr ~100,000 euro ~ 100.000$ . If the company uses OCS R2 dial-in instead and although they all call through mobile telephone as in Denmark costs about 1kr per minute then the saving is 300,000kr ~ 50,000 euro ~50.000$.

I know this is "round" numbers, but I am quite sure that OCS R2 Dial-in can pay a big part the implementation costs of OCS R2 in many companies.