Sunday, December 28, 2008

OCS R2 clients against OCS R1 server

Update: Not supported

I need to have the new R2 clients running on my laptop and Mobile, so that I can use them against my R2 LAB, but the production environment is running R1.
Found this blog from Aaron describing R2 client against R1 server.
So I did some test and it seems to be working (NOT THAT I AM SAYING THAT IT’S SUPPORTED)
I got the Mobil Communicator- Communicator and Attendant Console running against my OCS R1 servers, and then I can switch between the R2 LAB and R1 productions without reinstalling clients.
Call forward setting on the Mobile Client that I have missed, is also working on the R1 server, very nice ;) (update: I can see forward settings and turn it off, but i can't set it up again from the COMO R2 or MOC R2) More information on the mobile client, get it here

Please remember I haven’t tested the clients in all functions, and it is NOT a Microsoft statement that it’s working and are supported!

Update: I won't spend more time on troubleshootting on this unsupported setup