Monday, July 27, 2009

CoMo and CLIP SA: (Calling Line Identification Presentation Special Arrangement)

Problem/issue regarding “caller number” when using simultan ringing and Calling Line Identification Presentation Special Arrangement  (CLIP SA).

When you have that service (CLIPSA) from your Telco provider, you have the possibility to see the Originate Caller number displayed on your Mobile phone.
But in OCS R2 it depend on if you are logged in to CoMo or not.

Originate Caller number not sent to the mobile when logged in on CoMo, then it’s my company number (DID) as the caller number.
But the Originate Caller number is sent  when  not logged in on CoMo.

It’s not a problem if you see the “popup/toast” on your mobile, here you can see who the caller is, but if you like to use your call history on you mobile you will only see your own DID as caller ID. Okay then you can use the “last contact” in CoMo, but you haven’t any call detail (date-time) so this “last contact” list isn’t that useful.

Read more about CLIP SA here: