Thursday, August 6, 2009

What is a OCS R2 Proxy server?

What is a OCS R2 Proxy ?
I have heard some say: OCS Proxy is a Front without users, but there is more to it than that.

Then only OCS service running on a OCS Proxy is: Office Communications Server Proxy. on a OCS Front-end you will normaly have serval other service running.

On a OCS Proxy server there is no Scripts/Application filers installed.
on a OCS R2 Front end server there is 8 scripts/applications filters installed by default


In this screendump the OCS proxy is used for Nortel MCM application and thats the only script/filter installed.


The only way that a OCS proxy server can be installed is by commandline (LCSCMD)

On a OCS Proxy you normaly need to do some Host Authorization for the other “normal” OCS server can connect to it. and a OCS proxy server dosen’t need to be in same “Actic directory/Domain” it can be a workgroup server, if needed.

Activating Proxy Server

LCSCmd.exe /Server /user:RTCProxyService /password:<password> /action:activate /role:proxy

Activating WorkGroupProxy Server 

lcscmd /server /user:<user> /password:<password> /action:activate /role:workgroupProxy

Remember on Windows 2008 you must run lcscmd as administrator (“right/click run as”) for the OCS server to register correct.

The only application that I know using OCS proxy, is Nortel MCM.

Nortel Converged Office: